Autoplay-Designs Waiver Agreement

This waiver agreement hereby, gives Autoplay-Designs irrevocable right to use the property you have consented to for all forms and media in all manners related to the Autoplay-Designs, including composite or distorted representations, for advertising, trade or any other lawful purposes, and you waive any rights to compensation for its publication. This certifies that you are the owner or authorized representative of the owner of the property described, agree to the terms of this agreement without reservation, and agree to indemnify Autoplay-Designs, in the event that this statement is not true. With allowing Autoplay-Designs to work with your property, you accept the agreement to make no claim for compensation for the use of the finished products in the production, distribution, marketing, and/or other activities related to the digital resources. In executing this agreement and further services of Autoplay-Designs, you must be eighteen years or older.

*NOTE - If you do not wish to have your property used for advertising Autoplay-Designs, please notify Autoplay-Designs of this request, otherwise it will be assumed, with using or accepting the services of Autoplay-Designs that you are in agreement to this waiver.